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Wizards are a lonesome, irascible and egotistical bunch. Put two Wizards on a narrow, dilapidating bridge over hot searing lava, and there is bound to be a duel of egos. An Apocalpytic magical duel!
You are one of these powerful wizards in the realm. THE most powerful one, in your humble opinion. Your aim is to push you opponent backwards, with a wall of flame, until he falls into the lava below. By cunningly managing your Mana power, and using your special magic tricks, you might be the one who survives.
But beware: under the pressure of your magic assaults, the bridge is starting to collapse…

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Matthias Rougier

Several years of web development and graphics design experience; passionate about game design and development.

Mihran Alaverdyan

As an artist, I enjoy creating visual characters, objects and scenery,
and producing concept art and drawings (storyboards).

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